Solid Waste

Under the supervision of the County Judge, the solid waste department maintains a class 4 landfill. The county also provides for county-wide residential curbside trash pick-up through a contract with Waste Corporation of America (WCA). This is provided by a dedicated 1 cent sales tax that the citizens passed in March of 1992. New at the landfill is a wood combustor facility owned and operated by the county where wood waste is burned in an incinerator.

Under the county-wide contract, the county provides once-a-week pick-up for residential waste, recyclables and yard waste. Bulk items must be called in to the contractor to schedule a pick-up.

Contact the Columbia County Landfill for your trash and/or recycle can repairs.


What can be recycled?

These items may be placed in the recycle container.

  • Cans - Aluminum & Tin
    • Beverage cans, all vegetable cans, cat and dog food cans, coffee cans.
  • Cardboard
    • Corrugated cardboard, food boxes, brown paper bags, feed sacks.
  • Paper
    • Newspapers, copy paper, magazines, phone books, hardback and paperback books.
  • Plastic
    • Basically drinking bottles, laundry bottles, milk jugs and such.

These items may be carried to Abilities Unlimited at 223 West University Street in Magnolia.

  • Electronics
    • Televisions, computer monitors, CPUs, laptops.


Columbia County Landfill is located at 41 Columbia 246.